I forgot that livejournal existed.
Nothing is new in life really. Except for I have a job, I'm in University, but I'm broke.
What the fuck.

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i had alot of stuff i wanted to do this summer. but i've found myself being indoors for 75% of the day lately. all the stuff i've wanted to do, are in "processing" right now and something might not happen til mid august or the begninning of september.

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those girls don't have shit compared to me. you're blind with old jealousy and immaturities right now, but i'll make sure that you remember whose best.
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i deleted alot of people off of here. if i don't know you, i deleted you. or if you are really gay!

I HAD MY FIRST CANDY APPLE IN 3 YEARS. paula bought it for me. she just watched me eat it, and stain my face and lips.

and my shirt.
tmw im seeing jesse spooner(L)(L)